Effective Home Remedies for Plantar Warts

Generally, having any foot concern affects how you participate in activities of normal living, especially those that involve moving from one place to the other. Some cause symptoms such as pain and discomfort that make it quite challenging for you to keep moving. In that case, you should seek treatment if you begin having any problems with your foot before serious complications arise. Plantar warts are foot problems that are hard to diagnose because they may appear and disappear without treatment. You can seek treatment for New York warts especially if you are interested in learning some home remedies that might speed up healing. They are as follows:

Salicylic acid

Most over-the-counter products used to treat warts usually contain salicylic acid, which is available in liquid, gel, or pad format. In most cases, you are advised to start soaking your feet in the water before applying salicylic acid. At times the healthy skin surrounding the wart might become sore or painful. If the surrounding skin starts to hurt, you are encouraged to stop treatment for a few days and then continue with the treatment.


Healthcare providers often use iodine preparations while cleaning the skin before surgery or when dressing wounds. Similarly, iodine can also be used while treating common warts. However, you can use iodine together with other treatments to promote healing.

Duct tape

Duct tape can be applied to your warts and used as a treatment form because it is inexpensive and convenient. You are advised to change the tape after a few days, thus allowing the outer layer of your warts to peel off. Once you apply the tape several times, the wart eventually comes out. Even though the tape’s effectiveness has not yet been confirmed, recent studies show that the treatment is safe and effective in some situations.

At-home freeze spray

A freezing spray is another over-the-counter medication commonly used to deal with warts. The role of the spray is to freeze the wart in the same way that cryotherapy works. However, it is slightly different from cryotherapy because the temperatures it applies to destroy the wart are colder. Of importance to note is that treatment using freeze spray may take longer before you start noting some improvements.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid, which is used to treat warts. However, you must be keen while applying apple cider vinegar on the skin because applying it without diluting might cause chemical burns. Therefore, ensure you dilute apple cider vinegar and avoid applying it on your healthy skin.

Tea tree oil

In the past, tea tree oil has been used as a topical antiseptic. It is also used on wounds, fungal infections, and acne. Research has also shown that tea tree oil can also remove warts. The treatment can also cause contact dermatitis or irritation, and you should discontinue the treatment if you start noting any rashes on your skin.

Plantar warts are common and might affect anyone, and are usually spread through contact. You can prevent these warts by avoiding walking barefoot in public places like gyms, pools, and locker rooms. Even though some may disappear without treatment, you should seek treatment or use salicylic acid products. You can schedule your appointment at Kenneth Meisler, DPM, PLLC & Associates today and receive the best treatment for your warts or removal.

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