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If a person or company needs a lawyer, it is because they have a legal problem or want to avoid it in the future through prevention, that is clear, but how will that person or company get to one office or another? What are they based on to choose a lawyer? The most common criteria are set out below:

Common criteria for choosing a lawyer

On recommendation

  • Someone from your environment, with a similar legal problem, has left the relationship with their lawyers satisfied and advises and recommends that they contact them.
  • Know the brand of the firm or lawyer, although you have never had a previous relationship with it, and contact because it gives you confidence, the perception of the brand is positive (there are quality seals, mentions in directories, etc.). Professional criminal lawyer in Toronto, for instance is a good example.
  • He has no recommendations or knows lawyers or law firms, so he searches the internet and filters based on what he likes the most and the recommendations he observes on social networks, specialized forums, etc. to choose a johnson county expungement lawyer.
  • Remember that in the past a law firm or attorney attended you very well, although the issue never came up. Contact them again. You have a very positive memory.
  • You have put directly into the internet search engine the keyword that has to do with your problem and are looking for lawyers related to that matter. Find true specialists.

Remember that someone from your environment told you about the office where a family member, friend or acquaintance worked and how well he spoke about that office. Contact you. We are talking about the feeling of pride of lawyers , of true brand ambassadors.

How important it is that the workers speak well of your company?

You have an attorney’s card. She doesn’t exactly remember the relationship with him, but she has his card.

Why not contact him?

Go to a platform, association, group, in which there are more people affected by the same problem and from there they refer you to a lawyer or law firm.

The importance of Marketing when choosing a lawyer

In all these cases the office, or lawyer, has had to carry out, in one way or another, some Marketing, Communication or commercial action that makes a potential client notice him and his office. What it is about is to promote such actions, depending on the target audience that we have set ourselves and the available resources, knowing how to enhance our differential values ​​compared to the competition. That when the client evaluates the decision factors to choose a lawyer, she looks at us.

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