How to Cope During a Contentious Divorce

Divorce is something that no-one predicts when they first enter into marriage. When you exchange those marriage vows, the belief is that they will be for life, and that you have chosen your lifelong partner. Unfortunately for more than 40-50% of married people here in the United States, that union will end in divorce. And while knowing that it isn’t uncommon can come as a bit of a relief, it doesn’t exactly help you or console you during the divorce process, especially if it happens to be a contentious one.

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So, how can you cope and make it through a contentious divorce? There is no clear-cut answer, but there are tips and techniques that can make it more manageable.

Limit How and When You Communicate with Your Ex-Partner

One of the first things you’ll want to do is set up boundaries meant to protect your mental wellbeing. Rather than get drawn into arguments with your ex on a regular basis, there should be a set form of communication and schedule that is chosen. Many ex-couples find email to be the best way to communicate, as it allows you to stop and think before you write. Texting and talking on the phone can often lead to arguments and stress.

If email is also too difficult on you, it may be necessary to communicate through a mediator or lawyer instead.

What If There is a Prenup Challenge?

One would think that if you have a prenuptial agreement, it would make divorce proceedings smooth and drama-free. And while that is certainly the case for many, there may be a challenge prenup motion to deal with.

Rather than take this challenge up all on your own, it’s best to employ the services of a lawyer that has experience in prenuptial agreement challenges. They will be able to discuss your rights, your course of action, what to expect, and look after all the work involved.

Keep Kids Out of the Battle

If you share kids together, it’s also imperative that you keep them out of the battle. This can be easier said than done, but it’s important to remain neutral in front of them.

Don’t Feel Pressured into Action

Sometimes you may feel pressured by an ex to sign off on documents or make a decision that you’re just not mentally prepared for. Remember, there is nothing wrong with asking for more time. You need to go into everything with a clear mind, which means a pressure-free environment.

Talk About Your Feelings

Finally, there is yourself. You cannot forget to be kind to yourself during this very difficult and emotional time. It can be helpful to speak to close friends and family about how your feeling, or even a professional if you feel like you need that extra bit of support.

There Is Light at the End of the Tunnel

While it may not feel as though there is light at the end of the tunnel when you’re in the middle of a contentious divorce battle, the fact is that it will end eventually and you will be able to move on.

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