Flowers for Special Occasions

Bouquets and single flowers are the best gift for nearly any occasion from weddings to Valentine’s Day, birthdays and funerals. Whether you give a bouquet or a long-stemmed rose, you will make your recipient remember that you are thinking about them. Although flowers gifted on certain occasions depend usually on the season in which the occasion falls, the personality of the recipient is the deciding factor when choosing a flower gift.

A lot of people are not sure about the kind of flower to give for every occasion. Whether you prefer to buy flowers from a traditional florist or from a neighborhood grocery store, you must put some time and thought into the flower variety and colour. It is imperative to take into account personal taste, symbolism, decor, and the occasion.

Read on to know the flowers for special occasions:

Wedding Flowers

No matter the size of the wedding, a lot of couples include flowers during the planning process. Wherever your venue is, you may want to include bouquets and floral arrangements. For weddings, seasonal flowers are the best option. If you are tying the knot in the spring, go for pale, delicate flowers. Dark, rich coloured flowers are suitable for fall weddings. Delicate lilies, pretty tulips, and exotic orchids will complete your vision of walking down the aisle. A reputable florist can give you expert guidance on the wedding flowers you will need, from the wedding boutonnieres to the bridesmaid bouquets, and other wedding flower arrangements.

Birthday Bouquets

Roses, orchids, and carnations are perfect for birthdays. Also, the daisy is a famous birthday flower that symbolises innocence and modesty. The perfect birthday bouquet is picked based on the favourite flowers of the recipient or those that symbolise an aspect of the relationship. Pink carnation symbolises gratitude, white symbolises remembrance, red chrysanthemum symbolises sharing, yellow rose signifies friendship, and jasmine symbolises grace and elegance.


Seasonal flowers are the best bet for an anniversary. Choose a flower bouquet that fits in with the couple’s personalities. A great flower shop will help you add a personal touch to the flowers. Red or pink roses are a mainstay because they represent passion and love for one another.


If you are giving bouquets to a friend or family member to congratulate them for their graduation, go for a bunch of lilies of various colours. A combination of yellow, red, and blue would look fantastic.

Mother’s Day

Picking a flower for Mother’s Day does not have to be difficult. You just have to pick her favourite flower. If she likes all kinds, give her a spring bouquet with a variety of colours and varieties. If you are not sure what she likes, choose carnations as they greatly express admiration and love. Also, gerbera daisies represent cheerfulness.

Get Well Bouquets

Where your recipient is recovering from an illness plays an important role in the kind of flower to choose. If your recipient is in the hospital, avoid highly fragrant flowers. Instead, choose gladioli, tulips, or irises. Marigolds are perfect get well bouquet for those recovering at home because they confirm resilience. Any bright house plants can lift the person’s spirits because the colour green symbolises health and wellbeing.

Funeral Bouquets

To pay tribute to loved ones who have passed on, you must work with a trusted florist in Hong Kong. You can send funeral baskets, condolence flower stands, or funeral wreaths. In addition to their beauty, flowers carry with them a unique emotion or meaning. Lilies are the most popular floral choices for a funeral as they represent restored innocence of the departed soul. Gladioli convey strength of character, sincerity, and moral integrity. White roses express reverence, youthfulness, and innocence. Other funeral flowers include orchids, Chrysanthemums, and carnations.

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