Facebook Messenger Chatbot: Is It for Your Business?

Facebook introduced its Messenger Platform in 2016. The new service allows businesses to any size to build custom bots in Messenger. Building bots into the already popular Messenger app could let businesses get in front of customers without extra friction.

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is any software that automates the beginning stages of a conversation.  They are made using the Bot Engine of Facebook that can turn natural language into structured data. As bots parse and understand conversational language as well as learn from it, they can get smarter with every interaction. The natural language interface is common in the majority of chatbots; however, as Facebook opens up the Messenger Platform and offers developer tools such as a bot engine, it has made building an intelligent bot easier.

Finding Bots in Facebook Messenger

Users can search for companies and bots inside Messenger by name. However, just like any new pathway into your business, you may find that embracing this communication channel within your customer base will require some promotion. Fortunately, Facebook is trying to make this easier for businesses and organizations.

You can simplify the connection by using the following tools:

  • Messenger links. Messenger Links will use the username of your Page to make a short link. If somebody clicks this link, it will open a conversation with your business on Facebook Messenger.
  • Messenger codes. These unique images act as a visual thumbprint for your company and bot on Messenger. They redirect anybody who scans them using Messenger to the corresponding company bot or page.
  • Messenger buttons. These buttons can be embedded into your site to let anyone who clicks them start a conversation with your company on Messenger.

Reasons a Facebook Messenger Bot can Benefit your Business

To determine if a bot on Messenger can benefit your business, the following holds t your situation:

  • You have a clear use case for it. You want to build a Facebook Messenger Chatbot for your business if it can help you in nurturing leads, sharing your knowledge base, diversifying service lines, sharing questions across your customer service team, and retaining e-commerce shoppers during checkout.

  • Your audience is on Facebook. Even if your audience is not currently on Facebook for business needs, you must begin to determine whether or not you can possibly benefit from Facebook Messenger Marketing. If your audience uses Facebook heavily in their personal lives, chances are that they embrace Messenger as a communication tool. The way they use the app may expand beyond how they use Facebook. These days, the use of messaging apps has outpaced that of social networks. And with new cases comes the evolution of behaviors.
  • You can support inbound inquiries from Facebook Messenger. You want to open a communication channel with possible and existing customers if you can support it. Despite bot automation, you still have to dedicate time to promote your chatbot, monitor any questions the bot cannot answer, and keep tabs on your customers’ overall experience you are creating with the bot.
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