How Men Usually Prefer to Wear Their Scarf?

People generally think that scarf is normally a women’s wear, but men too wear scarf. There are historical facts to show those scarves were used by soldiers for their identification to know from which battalion they belong to. Even today men are found to be sporting scarf during winters.

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Men can wear scarf in a number of ways. Here in this article, we will share few different ways to wear scarf for a manly appearance.

  • Drape

The Drape is more about style rather than real function. Here you need not tie your scarf, but can add certain dash of colour to your overcoat to draw attention towards your face.

During cool weather, scarf drape will be the best but not during very cold weather. In drape style just drape your scarf over neck, keeping equal lengths on both side, and need not tie it. Such scarf drape will work best with regular length scarf.

  • Overhand knot

This is the simplest possible scarf knots that you can easily learn and wear. Only thing that you need to decide is how high or low you must wear it. Usually, it will hang a little loose around your neck than any other knots/wraps, hence this style is considered more as a show rather than function.

  • Fake knot

As the name suggests, it will use a bit of deception for achieving the desired appearance. This kind of knot will look the best with patterned scarf or scarf with thicker weave. You may use any medium length scarf without any problem.

  • Once around

In this style too, you do not really tie your scarf, but it can offer more warmth around your neck as compared to scarf drape, and hence you can wear during colder weather. You can start by draping your scarf around the neck, by making one end bit longer than other.

  • Reverse scarf drape

During the cold weather, this is great way of wearing scarf. Here too, you actually don’t tie any scarf knot, however it can offer lots of protection to your neck. You must drape your scarf over neck to make sure that both ends will be of equal length.

You can take scarf’s one end and bring it all across the neck and over your opposite shoulder. After that, do the same on the other side. There is no need of tying it but you can adjust your scarf all around your neck, in case it is necessary and you are done.

You can take the longer end of the scarf and then bring it around the neck and you are done, there is no need to tie a knot. Both ends of your scarf can be either of equal length or also uneven as per the choice of the wearer.

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