Important Things to Do Before the Disc Replacement Surgery

Back pain is one of the common conditions affecting many people worldwide. While mild back pain can resolve alone, chronic back pain can last more than three months. The persistent pain could imply something amiss with your spinal disc. For instance, you could have a herniated disc in which the rubber cushion bulges through the disc casing. The protruding disc can compress the nerve causing discomfort and numbness. Fortunately, you can get pain relief through Rancho Cucamonga disc replacement surgery which offers a less invasive remedy for your damaged disc. For a better experience during and after this surgery, here are things that you should do before the appointment.

Make Inquiries

 Surgeons like patients who ask questions. Making the list of relevant questions before the surgery shows the extent of commitment in anticipating a successful operation. For example, you can ask what to expect and how the recovery will take.

By getting the answers to your questions, you will also ease the anxiety that you could be having before the procedure.

Eat Right

In the days leading to your operation, this is not the time to fill your plate with pizza. Your body will need nutritious meals to reduce the chances of inflammation before the appointment. Ensure that your diet is loaded with vitamin-rich meals like vegetables and fruits.

A healthy diet will also boost your immune system, thus ensuring that you have a smooth recovery after the disc replacement surgery.

Stop Smoking

Smoking has many negative impacts on your overall health. For example, it compromises the immune system, thus increasing the chances of infections. Therefore, you should suspend smoking for months leading to surgery to minimize the chances of infections in the operated areas.

If you find it difficult, contact your healthcare provider for rehabilitation tips.

Plan For a Ride

After the disc replacement surgery, you may experience difficulties driving yourself home. The anesthesia effects are still present right after the procedure, and you will have drowsiness and poor judgment. Therefore, to minimize the chances of accidents, you should make trip arrangements with your friends or relatives.

Review Your Medications

Some medications can increase the chances of excessive bleeding during surgery. Therefore, you should disclose all the medications you take to your surgeon. Your specialist will advise you to suspend the intake of medications like aspirin before the surgery.

If you have chronic conditions, the surgeon will recommend alternative medications with little to no side effects to continue suppressing your underlying condition.

Arrange Your House

You do not want to move around your house looking for certain items after your surgery. This instance can hinder your recovery, especially when stretching to reach for items on high shelves. Therefore, you should make a recovery station ready before the surgery. Keep novels, medicines, and meals on lower shelves to avoid the hassle.

Do you have chronic back pain? If yes, you could have a herniated disc. It is not all lost since disc replacement surgery can help replace the damaged disc with an artificial one to restore your spine stability. Preparing for the appointment is recommended to improve your experience during and after the surgery. Ask your surgeon the important question to know what to expect during the surgery and ease the anxiety. Also, if you are a smoker, you should stop this habit for a smooth recovery after the operation.

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