Ever since the establishment of online gambling sites in the mid 90s, there has been a raging debate surrounding online gambling. Gambling purists argue that online gambling is not real and no one who is serious about gambling should do it online. There is some sort of an elitism when it comes to the online vs real casino debate. Let’s see what advantages or disadvantages there are when it comes to online gambling.


Imagine this, one morning you wake up and feel like playing some poker or any other game but you don’t have the time or the patience to get ready, drive a long distance and spend so much extra money on fuel, hotel, food just to play one day at a casino. But wait, you have an alternative, you can play online Raging Bull casino for example, of course there are thousands of options you can chose from. And that was it, it was that easy to start playing online, from the comfort of your own home, sitting on your sofa or lying down on your bed. On top of this there are no extra rules you have to follow at home, if you want to smoke, go right ahead, if you want to talk on the phone while playing of course you can do that, you want to play in your boxers? Even that’s not a problem. Playing online gives you peace of mind.


When you go to a real casino, there are hundreds of people cramped in a small space, the dealer is looking at you, your competitors are looking at you trying to intimidate you and get you off your game, the crowd is rowdy and cheering you on or booing you. Any one of this might get you off your game and as soon as you get distracted is when you start losing money. Playing online doesn’t involves any of these factors to get you off your game, you can think and make decisions without any of these distractions. With all of these added benefits, it is no doubt that online casinos have become so popular. A lot of people are interested in gambling but they either live in place which don’t have any casinos, or the actual casinos were too far away. Even if some people have casinos in their city, still the entire process of getting ready and going was too much of a hassle, which because of the internet is not an issue anymore.


The same point why people would prefer online gambling is one of the reasons why people would prefer live gambling, the atmosphere. The exhilarating feeling of people looking at you, everyone dressed their best and being in the zone is why people love going to casinos. One added benefit of live gambling is that most of the most respected tournaments are held live, live gambling also helps you learn how to deal with pressure better.

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