Living Smart and Green: Technology Today

There will always be no place like home. It’s a haven where you can be yourself and enjoy life to the fullest. Especially with what’s happening today, strict health protocols encourage everyone to remain indoors as much as possible.

As a homeowner, you have the power to customize your house depending on your wants and needs. It’s not easy to put it all together, but the right combination of gadgets will make life easier and more convenient.

Smart Living Ideas

Home automation has a rocky past. Many years have passed since innovative trends came and went, yet many are unsuccessful with their transition.

As smart home technology gets more affordable and user-friendly, there are some fantastic alternatives for giving your house a high-tech makeover. You don’t have to spend a fortune buying cutting-edge equipment to get started; here are some ideas that will provide the groundwork for you to expand on.


Having a safety and security device in your home is a no-brainer. In that case, the primary element that smart houses must have is an alarm system.  Due to increasing criminal activities, specifically house robbery, a need for an alarm device is a must.

Burglars will take every opportunity they can see, especially during the holiday season, when people are busy and out for vacation. For houses without an intruder detection system, there is a higher chance of robbery. By setting up an alarm for unauthorized entry, you can protect your belongings from reaching the wrong hands.

Aside from avoiding theft, an alarm system can be helpful during an emergency. These often work in conjunction with sprinklers and smoke detectors, which will keep your home safe from fire hazards.


Smart security features are essential in everyone’s home. Many install CCTV devices in several parts of their house to help keep an eye on their home. Other security features include gadgets that prompt the homeowner’s mobile phone whenever the door gets unlocked.

But, one downside of this feature is that low-quality gadgets and their alternatives are prone to hacking and information phishing.


Smart lights, ranging from light switches to light bulbs and wall panels, are common to smart living. And, with so many new alternatives on the market, such as low-cost smart LEDs, you could be tempted to deploy them throughout your home.

There are lots of advantages when it comes to smart lighting. These include automated vacation mode features, making it appear like someone’s home even during vacation. Moreover, you can have color-changing bulbs depending on your mood. But, nothing will beat the convenience brought by a centralized voice command that allows you to control all lighting in your home.


You can operate sounds from your mobile device or through voice activation for a more modern take. These features will allow you to control your speakers any way you prefer. Some gadgets randomly play songs depending on what genre you want, with ambient lights to further set the mood.


Many gadgets fall under this type. It comprises a variety of devices, including cooking, gaming, or other hobbies. Cooking nowadays can be done by simply mixing ingredients and pushing buttons. On the other hand, virtual realities are currently prospering. Although these gaming techs are expensive, many are trying to get their hands on the latest gaming consoles. Immersive gaming into virtual reality is likely to be the future of gaming.

Energy Efficiency

The use of solar panels is a conscious way to preserve artificial energy. But, many believe it’s too expensive to integrate into your house. This myth could not be further from the truth.

Power from the sun can deliver benefits that can greatly surpass its initial costs, especially when coupled with the proper energy storage and system. Aside from regulating energy production, a smart energy system can also help you stay on track with your energy consumption, guaranteeing that no energy will go to waste.

Artificial Intelligence

One of the biggest advancements is the use of artificial intelligence or AI in their houses. In this set-up, a computer is a major decision-maker in the house. It works following what their owners pre-installed and sometimes use previous data to understand the behavior of the house owner. There are many complexities concerning how AI computers truly work. Nonetheless, continuous research and improvements are on their way.

Wrapping Up

Up to this day, only a limited number of people can cop the gadgets mentioned above. In the future, due to the increasing popularity and decreasing cost production of these gadgets, people will be able to afford technologies for their own homes.

Meta title: How Technology Shapes Our Homes
meta desc: Houses nowadays are transitioning to smart living. Aside from technological advancements, the rapid shift to innovation helps in protecting our environment.

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