Mark Roemer Oakland Learns About Ways to Find the Best Company to Refurbish Your Office


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, investing in office refurbishment can be very intimidating, especially if you have no idea where to start, how much it would cost, and whether it would boost your business in any way. However, it’s a worthwhile investment since a well-designed office space would help form a great first impression on your customers, increase staff efficiency, promote teamwork, and make your clients feel at ease with forming a business relation with your company and brand.

Tips & Tricks

Here are a few tips you can follow to find the best company to refurbish your office:

  1. Check their qualifications and experience – It’s crucial to check the qualifications of every office refurbishment company that you are considering hiring and ensure they have the necessary experience to handle any kind of project. Generally, you can find all the information you require on their website but it’s still a good idea to confirm with them in person.

Ensure they are ISO certified for both 14001 and 9001. Check whether the company is classified as a safe contractor or accredited. Also, be sure to read through the testimonials and check the reviews on their website to understand whether their previous customers were happy after hiring their services. We recommend you check reviews about the company listed on third-party review websites such as Yell, BBB, and even Google.

  1. Inspect their portfolio – A reputed office refurbishment company should have an impressive portfolio which you can check to get an idea of the type of projects they have worked on in the past. It’s even better if they have any case studies listed on their website since they go more in-depth about the project.

Ensure that at least a few of the projects listed on their portfolio match with your industry or business. If not, the company should be willing to learn more about your business or industry to offer the best industry-specific solutions.

  1. Ensure suitability – One of the most overlooked factors when choosing a company to refurbish your office is suitability. A reputed company would make you feel at ease when working with them since they would put your requirements at the forefront to deliver the most optimal solutions.

For instance, they would take the time to understand how your business works and how the different departments work together to create a better office environment. This ensures you don’t waste any money while allowing you to avoid miscommunication.

  1. Check their commitment – A company that is committed to your satisfaction would offer a customer promise or guarantee to ensure that you are always satisfied with the project. Plus, they would also assign an experienced project manager who can take care of all your needs and help to expedite the process.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you consider all the factors mentioned above to find the best company to refurbish your office. Never select a company only based on the cost or reputation of the services they offer.

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