Reliable Technologies in 3D Printing Machine Manufacturer

Manufacturing parts from metals are not easy. In the big industries, it is necessary to have reliable devices or tools to complete the whole manufacturing process. In this situation, sometimes it is necessary to find reliable partners, especially to create the difficult parts that will have complicated shapes and sizes. In this situation, AddUp can be reliable manufacturer to handle the projects. The manufacturer has all things needed to create various parts and objects from metals, even when these should be in big scales of businesses. There will not be big problems since it has good technology to handle the jobs. There is the DED and pbf additive manufacturing that will be important part in completing the project.

Great Technology from AddUp

Technology utilized by the manufacturer becomes the key factors on how AddUp is able to become so reliable in handling various objects. It is true that creating and manufacturing parts from metals is not easy. When it relies on the traditional methods, it will not be able to provide good results. Moreover, now parts should have good precisions in dimension and shape. This is what the advanced technology can do. The PBF Additive manufacturing is one of the technologies utilized in AddUp. This is type of additive manufacturing that utilizes the powder bed fusion and laser technology. PBF utilizes the metal powder that will be melted by the heat coming from the laser. Since it uses the laser, the heat temperature will be good and it has nice precision. Then, the metal powder is special material that will be able to be solidified strongly.

Then, there is DED or Directed Energy Deposition manufacturing. It cannot be separated by the manufacturing by the use of PBF. However, it utilizes the metal powder that will be liquefied so later it can be shaped or attached in the metal or certain parts. The DED manufacturing is useful in many aspects. It can be helpful in the process of repairing the damaged or deteriorated parts since the metal will be able to replace the damaged area. Then, it can also become useful to provide additional parts that will be necessary on the existing part. There are still other functions of DED manufacturing and it works well with the PBF additive manufacturing.

Great Quality of Results from AddUp

The utilization of technologies in AddUp surely improves its production process and the quality. In this case, the devices and technologies are able to utilize various types of metals so it is not big problems. Even when it is necessary to make certain alloys, it still can be handled. Next, it can handle various sizes of the parts. There can be industries that need the parts in small sizes but it needs high level of accuracy. It will be easy to handle since the devices uses the laser to provide better precision. In case of larger sizes of part, it still can be handled well. It is because the devices and tools are modular so it is easy to set the layout depending on the project.

As what is mentioned, accuracy is also important. That is why AddUp uses the 3D printing in making the design. Whole design and concept will be made into 3D design before it will be shaped and formed. With the use of 3D design, it will be able to provide better precision in creating objects, especially for some parts that require complicated shapes, designs, and accuracy. This will be handled easily and these are reasons of choosing AddUp as the recommended 3d printing machine manufacturer.

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