The Future of Commercial Window Cleaning 

Are you a real estate developer and you are wondering how you will clean high windows for your clients? Worry less. The fact that you are on this page assures you will get the answers you are looking for.

 Rapid technological advancements have seen a high demand for glass buildings for many reasons, including the desire for natural light. Consequently, as an effect, professional window cleaning services have become one of the busiest service providers and are hard to get.

As the demand for these services in residential and commercial buildings surges, there has been the need to develop safer and more sophisticated technologies for cleaning exterior windows regardless of their height.

The upsurge of window cleaning technologies has seen us explore some of the most effective technologies that can help you today.

The use of drones

The technological revolution has seen window cleaning escalate to another new horizon. In the last decade, drone window cleaning has made it easier for real estate developers and companies offering commercial cleaning services.

With just extendable poles and ionized cleaning water, drones are the future of commercial window cleaning services. Increasing technological capabilities of drones have made commercial window cleaning affordable, quick, and fuss-free.

Water-fed poles

Commercial cleaners used telescopic poles for several decades to clean windows at higher heights. However effective, they were limited in range and could not effectively clean windows beyond certain heights.

Consequently, rapid technological innovations saw the invention of water-fed poles. Water-fed poles are a brush, water, and a pole at once. The pole is fixed with a lightweight carbon fibre that is highly resistant to chemicals, making it a great demand among window cleaning professionals.

Water-fed poles will use purified water that is easy to dry and leaves no patches of dirt behind. This is unlike tap water. That has minerals, and once your window dries, you will still find it with white patches due to mineral deposits.


Unlike UVC cleaning systems that are not environmentally friendly, abseiling is effective, simple, and among the best. It entails commercial cleaners using an abseil rig. This means cleaners will use a rope to directly access the high-rising windows.

Most businesses will hire abseilers since it allows cleaners to get up close and provide a thorough and professional clean. Similarly, cleaners can manoeuvre around and clean the hard-to-reach places the pole might have missed.

Using cradles and platforms

Due to cleaning demand, engineers and real estate developers establish and suspend a cradle over the side of the building. However, many modern buildings are still fitted with cradle systems that make it easier and safer for cleaning purposes.

On the contrary, if there is no cradle system, commercial cleaners can use mounted platforms. These platforms often work with a hydraulic lift mounted on a track.


The advancement in technology is seeing professional window cleaning services adopt more sophisticated means of ensuring a clean environment. Similarly, new window cleaning techniques seek not only to ensure impeccably clean windows but also safety concerns, efficiency and profitability.

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