What Exactly Is poster framing?

Advertising using posters has been common practice for many years. Concerts, movie releases, sporting events, and more all have posters. poster framing has evolved into a unique and interesting method of showcasing artwork and photographs. These frames are a cost-effective solution for displaying several images because they are often produced from cheap materials and can be purchased in quantity. There are a wide variety of occasions where posters would be appropriate, such as weddings, birthday parties, employee recognition events, and more and they are also an excellent choice for grouping many photographs into a single frame.

How Does Poster Framing Work?

Putting up a framed poster consists of two phases: mounting the poster and hanging it. To mount a poster, you simply need to glue it to an acrylic mount and place it in a frame. Posters are hung by first making holes in the wall and then stringing them up. No extra preparation is required, as mounting materials are widely available at hardware stores, and many posters feature predrilled mounting holes. Posters may be mounted on a wide range of materials, from glass to paper to plastic and beyond.

Why Should You Use Posting Instead Of Framing?

Posters are a great option for displaying many of your photos because they are so easy to set up and take down. You can easily hang them up in your home or office, and then take them down when you’re done with the display. Posters are also affordable, easy to store, and don’t require any special lighting or setup. That means you can use them to display photos in any setting, whether it’s your home or the office, and makes them a great way to celebrate any event in a social setting.

Which Type Of Poster Is Best For Framing?

The two most common types of posters are white paper and black paper. You can also find combo options that are made of both colors and whatever option you choose, it’s important to make sure the paper is of acceptable quality. You should also make sure the mounting surface is one you’re sure won’t damage the poster.

You can find mounting materials at many hardware stores. You may also be able to use a piece of plywood or something else that’s already in your home. If you choose to use paper, you’ll need to cut holes that are a few inches larger than the poster’s dimensions, use a pencil or a ruler to mark the holes so you don’t make them too big.

Tips For Selecting Photos For Poster Framing

When selecting photos for poster framing, keep in mind the size and color of the prints you’re using. If your photos are small and have a lot of similar colors or tones, you may want to choose a different type of poster.

  • Make sure to crop your photos so they aren’t taller than the standard 8.5 x 11 inches that most posters are printed on.
  • Try to choose photos that feature the same subject, this will help you save time by not having to cut out all the pieces of paper.
  • If you have an event that you want to memorialize with poster framing, choose photos that feature the event itself or memorable moments from the occasion.


When you don’t have a lot of wall space, posters are a terrific alternative to traditional framing, they are cheap, portable, and simple to assemble and disassemble. Framed images can make a room feel more complete, but if you don’t have any wall space to spare, posters are a great alternative.

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