Why the Need to Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Generally, wisdom teeth can cause serious discomfort when they erupt from your gums. Apart from discomfort, they also lead to crowding of your existing teeth. There are also cases where wisdom teeth cause sinus problems, jaw alignments, damaging cysts, and cavities. In such cases, wisdom teeth removal may be recommended to help alleviate pain and reduce any discomfort. Therefore, if you have started experiencing these symptoms and discomforts, you can undergo Wisdom Teeth Jasper removal for symptomatic relief. Below are a few reasons why wisdom teeth might be removed.

Damage to your jaw

In this case, you start experiencing pain or stiffness, which later affects the motion and functioning of your mouth. Wisdom teeth also erupt from your jaws and then via your gums like other teeth, but the process might be altered, especially if there is no space left around other teeth. Usually, some wisdom teeth grow crowded within your jaw, causing the existing teeth and jawline to shift. For this reason, opening your mouth is limited and causes pain. Cysts might also form in newly growing molars which might hollow your jaw bone and damage the surrounding nerves of healthy teeth if no treatment is given.

Damage to nearby teeth

As the extra set of molars erupts, commonly referred to as the wisdom teeth, they can cause your existing permanent teeth to shift, causing misalignment. The shifting then results in bite problems, pain, and overcrowding, making it quite difficult to floss or brush effectively, thus causing tooth decay or cavities. In this case, if treatment is delayed, you might undergo additional procedures to help straighten misaligned or impacted surrounding teeth.

Sensitivity pain

Most people know that their wisdom teeth are impacted when they begin experiencing pain. And like any other dental problem, it usually starts slowly and becomes a serious concern. Therefore, you should not ignore any tooth sensitivity or toothaches. It would help if you noted where it occurs, especially when brushing or eating. It would be best if you were keener when you see wisdom teeth erupting because it is not after a long time that you can determine the angle they are growing at. Therefore, if you note that the angle they are growing with impacts your teeth, you might require them to be extracted.

Inflamed gums

Your oral health is usually not limited to your teeth only because it involves your gums. For that reason, they are also affected by impacted teeth. In most cases, when your wisdom teeth erupt at an angle to other teeth, it causes your gums to swell, which affects brushing and flossing. Therefore, wisdom teeth removal is recommended.

Sinus concerns

If your impacted wisdom teeth start causing sinus problems, your care provider may recommend a tooth extraction.

If you have any of the above oral concerns, you can schedule your appointment at Advanced Dental Care of East Texas today and undergo wisdom teeth extraction. In most cases, the treatment offers pain relief, reduces discomfort, and prevents the exertion of pressure on nearby teeth, thus misaligning your teeth and jaw. Therefore, if you have these concerns, you should seek medical help before serious complications such as tooth decay or cavities arise. You can also visit their website and learn more about wisdom teeth removal.

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