10 Ways To Make A Living Online

There are various ways to earn a living online. Some are easier than others, and while not all of them might be as fun as winning in the Comet Room you can earn each month with some effort and creativity.

  1. Upwork: freelance work for everyone

Upwork, Fiverr and many other “freelance” platforms offer the possibility of working independently for people looking to outsource all kinds of services. From web design, graphic design or programming to more basic tasks like “data entry” (computer data input) and writing.

Technical or creative knowledge is welcome as long as you can build and maintain a reputation.

Once registered, you will find yourself in an immense marketplace, in which you will have to navigate to find the job you want, filtering by categories.

You should not worry if you are rejected during the first weeks: earning your reputation is the most important. Once you get your first job you will be on your way to starting your career as a freelance worker for good money. All work is done from home.

  1. Etsy: start your own craft business

Etsy is a website that allows small entrepreneurs to start online businesses selling arts and crafts products. If your talent is creative, Etsy is going to give you a perfect opportunity to earn quick and easy money using your skills.

Many people start from the bottom and end up selling products internationally. Clothing, jewellery, woodwork, etc. Products of all kinds are sold. Being creative is the first step to making money from home!

  1. Blogging: make money writing what you like

Blogging is a very important part of the Internet today. Information has become common currency and that currency can go straight to your pocket if you know how to use it. Blogging is simply a web page similar to a newspaper or personal page where people talk about different topics.

How can I make money with web pages? The answer is simple: advertising. Marketing is the most powerful weapon that companies have and they are willing to pay very well for the visits your site receives. In short: if you have a good site, you will have many visits.

If you have many visits, those visits will have contact with the advertising that will pay for your work. Simple enough, huh? It may sound complicated, but it is very simple.

  1. Web page design

For many people, web design is “magic”. The idea of working from home and earning a salary making web pages is reserved for the few with the technical knowledge to get the job done. The truth is that today web design is not necessarily something exclusive to experienced programmers or designers.

A multitude of tools allow the average person to make their own designs with a minimum of knowledge. Tools like Adobe Muse or Dreamweaver bring design closer to everyone’s hand.

Many companies or businesses need web pages. The market exists and it is a great opportunity. It’s a job that requires nothing more than a computer, patience, and clients.

  1. Working with internet marketing

Marketing is one of the fastest-growing segments in recent years. Resources such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks are used by all kinds of companies, politicians and people to convince and sell.

The art of being able to sell with words translates to the possibility of working on your own as long as you have a good capacity to reach people. Working in marketing allows you to earn money without any investment.

Advertising on social media is booming and is a unique opportunity to make money. Companies are looking for “community managers ” to manage their “virtual faces” in the social networks of web 2.0. It is a job that requires constant empathy to be able to reach users and communicate messages effectively.

  1. eBay / Craigslist

Any buy and sell page is the perfect place to earn extra money from home. All you need in this case is something to sell or buy. Many people buy second-hand products, repair them and sell them again.

Research the market before selling your item, getting an advantage over the competition is very important. You can make a significant profit importing small products in bulk and selling them.

  1. Kickstarter: turn your idea into reality

The financing platforms online as Kickstarter or Indiegogo will allow you to create the idea for a project and look for people to achieve it. If you have a project in mind and you think it might be good, give people a chance to judge it.

Just have a good presentation, some sketches and a good introduction video. By being honest and showing good content, you can earn the necessary income to carry out the project of your dreams. Projects have been financed on a variety of topics: art, comics, crafts, dance, design, fashion, video games, food, among many others.

  1. Make money with YouTube or Twitch

YouTube is known to everyone, young and old alike. Today it is part of what could be called the “core” of the internet and in the same way, it calls for a group of people capable of using their talents to generate visits.

YouTube is an online video upload site with social media touches. Charisma is not the only thing that matters. Good content depends on your imagination when creating videos.

  1. Paid surveys

Paid surveys, as the name suggests, are surveys which different types of businesses pay in exchange for honest answers. This form of work is very popular and great for earning extra income at the end of the month. Sometimes it is paid by the number of surveys or by working time.

Finding the perfect company to work in this field can be difficult at first, but the payoff is good in relation to the little time and effort that it takes. For some, it is just a way to earn extra money, for others it is a way to earn a living.

  1. Create and sell digital books

The creation and sale of digital books have become very popular these days. You just need a keyboard and the desire to type. The theme is your choice and can be sold in a multitude of virtual stores (for example, Amazon).

The absence of direct publishing companies and avoiding the stress of paper sales is a boon for future writers who just want to work in comfort. If writing is your thing, this is a job that can be very profitable for you.

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