Advantages of Web to Print

If you ever sent brand materials to print, you know how expensive and time consuming it can be. The entire design process can take a few days or even weeks, depending on the material, and you have to send e-mails back-and-forth until the perfect design is created.

Fortunately, there are new ways to deal with creating and printing the best materials for your brand, and one of them is web to print solutions. Web to print is a revolutionary service that allows customers to place their order quickly and even create the design for the printed materials.

5 Advantages of Web to Print

Web to print is a convenient solution for both low-volume and high-volume orders. If you haven’t tried it yet, read on to find 5 reasons that might convince you.

1. You Can Easily Customise the Design

Because everything is stored on the cloud, you can create a branded template and customise it according to the material you want to design. Business cards, flyers, and posters, they can all have the same starting point. This also means that it’s easier than before to create your own design.

2. You Save Time

The overall turnaround time is not only reduced because you can easily work with templates but also because you can keep track of the progress. In the typical scenario, you’d have to check your mail every other hour to see if the designer delivered the most recent version of the artwork. And it usually took a couple of versions until you clicked with one of them.

By using web to print, all these intermediary stages are cut down to just one or two. Because everything is synchronised, you can give feedback in real time and save a couple of days.

3. You Can Order from Anywhere

According to Jamie from Leeds Printing Company “You don’t have access to your laptop? Use your smartphone to place the order. You don’t have to store or send large files – everything’s already taken care of. As long as you have the login details and access to a web browser, you’re all set.”

4. You Save Money

Probably the biggest advantage of web to print is that it allows you to order on demand. You need 200 flyers? Or only one brochure? You can print them. There are no requirements for a certain number of products, so you won’t waste money on brand materials that will catch dust in the inventory.

5.It’s Planet-Friendly

Because web to print is a solution aimed at simplifying the process andincreasing the efficiency of the workflow, one of the side effects is waste reduction. Because you can print on demand, the paper waste is considerably reduced. Moreover, less prototypes get printed during this process, so there’s another lot of paper – and trees – saved.

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