Three Ways Telecommuting Has Changed the Way We Work

Technology continually changes the way we live our lives. Back then, it was impossible to send a message to someone on the other side of the planet instantaneously due to technological constraints. But now, not only can you send someone an email to any corner of the planet in an instant, you could even see the person you’re talking to via video calls.

It’s the reason why more and more people are becoming telecommuters because technology has broken down the barriers that kept us from working from any part of the world. Even if you’re in the middle of a jungle and your cell phone isn’t getting any signals you could go to a satellite phone store and purchase a satellite phone to help you communicate with your colleagues. So, here are other examples that show how telecommuting has changed the way we work:

  1. You are more resourceful.

Remember the time when the printer in the office broke down, and no one could do anything about it until the Xerox repair guy came? That was when virtual training solution businesses had employees with a particular skill set that could solve specific problems. Copywriters wrote, graphic artists drew, and IT repair guys fixed any equipment that was broken.

But, if you’re a telecommuter, you no longer have the luxury of knocking on the IT department’s door when your laptop breaks down because you’re no longer in an office. Thus, you’re forced to handle situations like these as best as you can.

Fortunately, Google and YouTube are filled with content and self-help guides to walk you through almost anything. From fixing a broken laptop to starting your own signage business, the internet is rife with information that can help you be more self-reliant.

  1. You get to flex your multitasking muscles.

In an office setup, you only focus on the tasks that are related to your job title. If you’re a copywriter, you need to produce content that will promote your company’s products. But, if you’re telecommuting it’s a whole new ballgame.

If you’re working at home or anywhere outside the office, you need to take care of other tasks that might not be related to your job title. For example, most freelance writers work for companies on a contractual basis and therefore, they don’t have access to those companies’ accounting departments. So, aside from writing articles, a freelance writer also has to take care of bookkeeping duties so that he can adequately bill his employer.

On top of that, writers also have to learn how to market their services because you don’t just wait for your employer to give you work. You need to continually look for clients to provide yourself with steady work, which is why you also need to learn how to sell your services.

  1. Your office is global.

Gone are the days when the only way you’ll get to meet and talk to a Japanese person is to go to Japan. Because of telecommuting, your office can reach remote places, and you can converse with people from other parts of the world. So, it won’t be a surprise anymore to experience talking to a person from Ireland while you’re working in Tampa Bay, Florida.

You could even be assisting a British gentleman with his flight reservations also though you’re working somewhere in Asia. The technology of telecommuting has broken down the barriers that separate us, which is why it’s a common scenario for everyone to be working alongside other people from other parts of the world.

Telecommuting has changed the way we work. We no longer need a brick and mortar office to find employment. All we need is a working internet connection, a reliable laptop and the discipline to work without supervision, and anyone of us could thrive as a telecommuter.

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