Five Awesome Benefits of Dermaplaning Fridley

Dermaplaning is a non-invasive procedure performed to get rid of dead skin cells located on the top skin layer. This treatment leaves you with a new skin layer that feels and looks smooth. Dermaplaning Fridley also helps reduce the appearance of acne scars and fine lines. A dermaplaning facial offers the following benefits:


Through dermaplaning, you can get rid of skin problems that make you look older than your age. Skin issues like age sports, fine lines, uneven complexion, and wrinkles can be addressed with dermaplaning. This treatment is also found effective in treating broken capillaries. After the procedure, you will notice an improvement in your skin right away. The revitalized skin will give you a younger look. 

Even Skin Tone

If you want to boost your skin complexion, dermaplaning can help you achieve this. When dead skin cells build up, your skin pores become clogged, causing your skin tone to look dull and uneven. Dermaplaning scrapes off your skin’s top layer, eliminating the dead skin cells. 

Vellus Hair Removal

During the shaving process, vellus hair is eliminated together with your dead skin cells. This makes your face look smooth and hairless. Also, dermaplaning makes your face less prone to the buildup of oil and dirt often caused by fine hair. 

With a lot of hair removal treatments, pain and frustration are almost a given. But you do not have to deal with this when you opt for dermaplaning. This procedure is completely painless and gives you a relaxing experience. 

Fast and Painless

The shaving process is painless and leads to immediate results. You may be able to get the results you desire in less than one hour without discomfort. With dermaplaning, you do not have to wait to see your facial skin glowing and rejuvenated. 

Little to No Downtime

Because dermaplaning is non-invasive, it does not require downtime. While your skin may be a bit more sensitive right after the treatment, you can resume your skin routine after your treatment session. You only need to come for the procedure and clean your face using a gentle cleanser before you sleep. 

To make the most out of dermaplaning, ensure you see a professional aesthetician who has proper training and experience in dermaplaning techniques. Particularly if you have sensitive or problematic skin, you need to consult with a reliable provider to know if dermaplaning is the ideal treatment for your face. 

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