How Does Poor Sleep Affect Cancer Patients?

Regular and refreshing sleep is important for good health, and it also helps to increase immunity. Sleep should not be compromised at any cost because it affects all aspects of the body. So, when sleep is so important, you must know when you do not sleep properly, and if you are a cancer patient, you must know how it will affect your health.

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What are some of the common issues of sleep in cancer patients? 

Cancer diagnosis and its aftermath process are not easy, and if you are diagnosed with it and facing sleep issues, you must know its causes. Some important causes are stress and depression, which is obvious in this situation, but you have to manage it tactfully.

A hospital stay can also lead to sleep problems because sometimes you are habituated to sleeping on one bed. So, this might affect your health and sleep. Some other causes can be pain which can disrupt your sleep. If there is any surgery, overthinking, and chemotherapy, it can also lead to sleep issues.

Some medicines can also lead to sleep issues, and therefore, you can find that sleep disruption is common among people with cancer disease.

How poor sleep may affect cancer patients? 

  • If there is a sleep problem, it leads to more pain and complications for the patients.
  • Poor sleep affects the immune system, metabolism, and hormones; therefore, you should sleep properly. How you will sleep will ultimately affect your cancer recovery.
  • The proper circadian cycle kills more cancer cells. But when this cycle is disturbed, the cancer-killing capacity is reduced; therefore, it can take time to recover.
  • Poor sleep will increase your blood pressure, and you cannot maintain your appetite.
  • Disturbed sleep will further increase the stress level, creating a vicious cycle.

Tips to improve sleep cycle in cancer patients

  • You should practice better bedtime habits to sleep in a quiet, dark and comfortable environment.
  • Screen time is increasing among people, affecting your health, so avoid using mobile and laptops before sleeping.
  • Exercise properly to keep your body healthy.
  • Avoid eating too late or immediately before sleeping. You can have some protein and vitamins in case of midnight cravings but generally avoid eating late.
  • You can also practice cognitive behavioral therapy for relaxation.
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