How to watch live cricket matches in the USA

Are you an ardent fan of cricket and cannot miss it even while you are traveling? It is now possible to watch it online with Hotstar USA app. Hotstar USA is a live streaming app that is gaining immense popularity as you can watch movies, TV shows, sports, and live news and you can even stream it while traveling. This app provides you access to hundreds of TV shows, movies, and sports events happening globally. This app provides you with high-quality videos in numerous languages, so if you are looking forward to watch cricket in USA, then get the Hotstar subscription using the Hotstar promo code. Every day hundreds of people download the app every day and people love the high-quality videos with Hotstar USA. Millions of visitors are already using the app with more people dropping in every day.

How to watch live cricket matches in the USA?

Hotstar movies and sports events are available as both paid and free and although free content is limited, paid content is unlimited and easily accessible. Even the paid Hotstar US is available in two types of subscription packages, Hotstar VIP and Hotstar Premium. The VIP version provides you access to sports events, Hotstar Specials and Hotstar VIP.  Hotstar USA premium gives you access to the superhit Bollywood movies and American TV shows. Hotstar VIP and premium will provide you access to premium content that is available on the app along with other latest content that will be added in the future. With the paid subscription you will also get access to live cricket matches and other sports events.

Now Hotstar US subscription is available at discounted prices with the Hotstar promo code and it can help you watch live cricket matches with ease, so follow these simple steps and get a discount with ease.

Steps to follow for Hotstar signup:

Step 1: Visit the official website of Hotstar USA

Step 2: Choose the plan you want

Step 3: Login or Signup

Step 4: Make the payment

Step 5: Click on the subscription link

Now you have subscribed for Hotstar USA premium account.

How to apply the promo code?

You can use the Hotstar promo code- “2020” to get a major discount on Hotstar subscription and it will help you watch cricket in USA.

Step 1: Visit US.Hotstar.com and fill in details like email, login name and password

Step 2: Click on the “Start Subscription” button

Step 3: Click on the option “Have a promo code” option provided below the credit card details options and fill in the code and then click on the apply button.

Step 4: Fill in your credit or debit card details and select the checkbox for terms and conditions

Step 5: Click on the tab “Start membership”

Watch live cricket matches with Hotstar:

Hotstar USA provides access to live cricket matches along with numerous streamable videos available online in numerous languages. Whether you want to live TV from India along with TV shows and movies from other countries like the USA and UK, Hotstar US can provide you with high-quality streaming services. You can watch cricket in USA with Hotstar US streaming services so subscribe now and get thousands of TV shows, live sports and live TV at reasonable prices. When you buy a Hotstar paid app, there will be no commercials to bother you during viewing. You get the liberty to watch Hotstar cricket on devices like mobile, TV, laptop or tablets through Hotstar USA official website. With Hotstar you will get more than fifty thousand hours of streaming content on your fingertips. Hotstar is quite popular for live streaming of cricket matches and other sports events like Football, Hockey, Tennis and Boxing. Signup for the Hotstar cricket now and enjoy live IPL or cricket and make sure to use the Hotstar promo code, to get discount.

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