Best Double Bed Designs for your House

The double bed has become preferable these days due to the benefits it has to offer to its users, and it is available in various specifications from simple to designer beds. There are multiple good double beds which comes in wooden and metal designs and cater to the market demands. Plus double beds of multiple designs come with storage facilities in which bedsheets and clothes can be stored, thus eliminating the requirement of wardrobes and cupboards.

Double beds are capable of providing two people with the required space for sleeping, and there are different double bed designs that available in the market that can meet your requirements. Apart from design, double beds are also available in various sizes, and you can choose as per your requirements.

But with multiple double bed designs available in the market it might get a little confusing as to which one will be the best for you. To make it easier for you we have listed down some double bed designs which are worth trying out.

Wooden double bed

The design of wooden double bed can grab the attention of anyone who sees it. The bed is designed in such a way that it will give you comfortable sleep with a bordered edge. The wooden double beds come with wooden drawers in which you can store your belongings. Wooden double bed are manufactured using Sheesham or mango wood.

Small double bed design

If you are facing the issue of space constrain in your bedroom, but still you want to buy a double bed then try out this small-sized double bed whose designs are similar to wooden beds. These beds are designed in such an artistic way that it fits in quite comfortably in the small space of your bedroom.

Double divan bed

If you are interested in buying a double bed that comes with storages facilities, then double divan bed design is the one that you must go for. This bed which is manufactured using engineered wood, has an artistic touch and has a walnut finish. This bed can be folded into a sofa when there is less space in the room.

Double king-size bed

While double bed with drawer are very trendy these days but there is another double bed design which is catching up, and it is double king size bed. This bed is manufactured using engineered wood with walnut finish, and it has a showcase look behind where you can keep the items which are required at night. Plus the bed also has storage facilities under it.

Imperial rubberwood bed

Built from high-quality wood, its walnut color makes it look very attractive and adds to the beauty of the bedroom. The bed also comes with hydraulic storage facilities which can provide ample space for you to store your bed sheets and other items with ease.

Double metal bed

If you are not interested in wooden designed beds, then try out something in metal like the double metal bed. The black-coloured double metal bed can provide you with the required comfort while sleeping. The double metal bed is also given a hydraulic design with large storage compartment below, and a cushioned back support too.

Casablanca solid wood

Available in walnut color, Casablanca bed is made from solid wood with cutwork designs on headboard and footboard. The bed also uses the metal frame with hydraulic, which makes the structure strong and allows breathability for the mattress.

Double bunk beds

If you have to adjust 3 people in a small room, then you must try out the double bunk bed. The bed is designed in a double bed look but with space for 3 person, one above and two below. This design of bed is very popular among kids and paying guests.

Low double bed

If you are thinking of making your room look stylish, then the low double bed can help you with this task. The design of a low double bed gives it an aesthetic look with its curvy ends. The low double bed can give everything you need for comfort like back support, cushioned legends, soft borders, etc. This double bed is the best for senior citizens. The low double is manufactured by using engineered wood with plywood finishing.

Indian style Standard double bed

If you want your bed to be styled in an Indian way, then you can go for a standard double bed with Indian designs. This bed has the required height and finishing to last long. The bedsides have a grill stand, and it has no storage facilities.

We hope that the above list will be beneficial for you while choosing the bed design, which is compatible with your bedroom.

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