Popular Flexible Packaging Uses

Flexible packaging is the latest choice for food manufacturers. With so many flexible packaging options out there like stand up pouch bags, lay flat pouches, roll-stock, you can protect food from degrading. Here are some reasons why manufacturers have adopted flexible packaging.

Frozen food packaging bags

They are a convenient option with a lot of products like meat, prepared meals, veggies etc. If you don’t want to sacrifice the quality of your food and want it to last long, then this is the top most choice for you. Brands ensure that the frozen food packaging bags have the right films and barrier which will preserve and safeguard the products from dehydration and oxidation. You have space saving freezer bags, stand out in the freezer aisle bags and zipper freezer bags for this purpose.

Nutritional supplement packaging

In order to maintain the effectiveness, convenience and consistency of the supplements, vitamins and nutraceuticals, nutritional supplement packaging has come into existence. They secure the ingredients from high temperature, moisture and other damages. The zipper packs offer portability and easy consumption.

Child resistant packaging

The childproof pouches are available in plethora of structures and films. They are odor resistant, resealable and single-use. The pouches are moisture resistant and hence they maintain the product quality and its freshness. If you are looking for stand-up pouch or lay-flat pouch, then these child resistant packaging pouches will be of great help to you. It reduces the risk of kids to open a pack without ingesting any hazardous or dangerous. It comes with a press to close zipper for secure and easy pouch resealability.

Sustainable packaging

Flexible packaging has opted for a greener solution. It is regarded as a sustainable solution because it doesn’t need much of any of the earth’s resources. It generates less greenhouse gas emissions all through its distribution in comparison to traditional packaging. The film used is environmentally friendly and prove to be a fully compostable packaging option. It returns to soil without causing any harm. Even the zippers, inks, printing, labels and lamination are recyclable.

Cheese and dairy

The custom resalable pouches for cheese and dairy add convenience and longevity to you. It locks in freshness and minimizes oxygen and aroma exchange. It uses 3-side seal, lay-flat pouches and stand up pouches for packaging of different dairy products.

Natural and organic

For all natural products and organic foods, you need eco-friendly, options. Nothing works better than flexible packaging for them. They are durable food packages which ensure that your package is portable and the product inside is protected. They come with zippers, tear notches and hang holes to make health food packaging perfect as per your need.

Pet food packaging

While consumer foods needs freshness, you’re pet’s food also require same level of care and caution. Hence, a good flexible packaging ensures that your pet’s food or treats are kept safe and sound. The inherently flexible packaging allows the food to be easily compressed so that you can carry it anywhere you want. It is puncture resistant, re-sealable and doesn’t allow moisture or oxygen to go inside, thereby maintaining the freshness of the food.

So, with so many effective and popular uses of flexible packaging, food manufacturing and packaging companies have adopted this technology. It is one of the best ways to package any kind of food and product.

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