Technology Meets Healthcare Through Telehealth

Technology has played a key role in changing the modern world. It has altered the way you stay in touch with family and friends, or utilise services worldwide. Technology and innovation have come a long way in the field of healthcare over the recent decades. Telehealth is where technology meets healthcare to provide health services and spread awareness. plantation telehealth has successfully accomplished the goal of establishing healthcare services to people globally through several telehealth tools.

Telehealth as a Boon to Dermatologists

Telehealth is the implementation of technology in the field of healthcare. It uses digital information and communication technologies to access healthcare services remotely worldwide to manage your health-related issues. It aids in easy access to healthcare for people who are otherwise deprived due to several reasons.

You can consult your dermatologist from anywhere in the world through your smartphone, computer, or tablet. Telehealth comes in handy when it is inaccessible to visit a clinic. You can consult your specialist at your convenience for the desired individual concern.

Telehealth plays a crucial role in the diagnosis and treatment of various conditions affecting your skin, hair, and nails. 

Advantages of Telehealth 

There are several benefits of using telehealth.

  • It can be used conveniently since it involves technology that you use every day
  • You can consult the doctor in the comfort of your home
  • Virtual visits can be easier to fit into your busy schedule, or if you have transportation issues
  • Less exposure of infected people that can otherwise spread during personal visits
  • You can get a personalised treatment plan within 2 to 3 days
  • Coverage by most medical health insurance providers
  • You can access the virtual consultation visits from anywhere in the world 

Telehealth Paving Way For Dermatology Services

Telehealth is beneficial when there is no requirement for physical examinations or procedures like biopsy or other in-office treatments. Dermatologists can effectively evaluate your skin through high-quality video and audio. The following dermatological conditions can be assessed through telehealth:

  • Acne- A condition caused due to clogging of skin pores
  • Suspicious moles- A type of mole that could be malignant (cancerous)
  • Eczema- A type of skin inflammation
  • Rosacea- A skin condition that causes redness and small bumps
  • Psoriasis- A condition characterised by dry scaly patches 


Telehealth is changing the way healthcare is provided, especially in an era of the Covid-19 pandemic. It can facilitate efficient healthcare even in remote places. Your dermatologist can evaluate your skin condition and provide the necessary treatment based on your skin condition.

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