When visiting Hair Clinic Toronto, FUE hair transplant may grab your attention when you first start to notice your receding hairline. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant is an impressive and practical hair transplant option which is increasingly becoming a popular option. Both men and women who wish to permanently redistribute their growing hair follicles can do with the help of the FUE technique. But it is not necessary for you to undergo the procedure in order to save your hair before it is too late.


Just popping a multivitamin will not help you to get your hair back, especially if your hair loss condition is genetic. If your hair has undergone abrupt change or falls out due to deprivation dieting or other nutrition deficits, then you may need supplements to get back on track. Lack of protein, zinc, folic acid and iron have been linked to hair loss. You can’t load up on these supplements without a careful assessment from your doctor, so speak to your professional and found out the best-suited option for yourself.


When you notice your hair thinning, it is time to upgrade your shampoo. Miracle shampoos which claim to cure baldness might sound like a dream come true but sadly they don’t work. However, a carefully formulated product can help to slow down hair loss and keep your scalp in great condition. It also helps your hair to feel thicker. Opt for a shampoo which contains vitamins and minerals for scalp nourishment and stimulation. Avoid using shampoos which have harsh detergents or ingredients as they strip the scalp of healthy oils.


Rogaine is a topical treatment, or Propecia, which is to be consumed orally. Rogaine or minoxidil is either in liquid or foam and works as a vasodilator. works by expanding the blood vessels so more blood, oxygen and nutrients can reach the follicles. It needs to be ensured that this reaches the skin rather than the hair. The higher the percentage of minoxidil, the more effective it is. Itching and irritation are some of its side effects, When you start to use rogaine, you often shed hair until new and stronger strands grow in their place. Once the product is discontinued, the results disappear.

For men, Propecia is the drug prescribed for hair loss. It targets hormones and decreases the body’s ability to convert testosterone into DHT. It is extremely effective in the early stages of hair loss and also prevents hair loss when you are taking them, though it is not permanent. Some of its side effects include sexual dysfunction or cardiac arrest, however, these side effects are extremely rare. Discuss the risks and benefits of the medication with your surgeon before you decide to take it. Many men who have been on this drug have reported benefits like keeping their hair and even some growing back. Though, the benefits stop once the treatment stops.

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